Number 1 Is So Much Fun!

Money, money, money, money... and victory are mine!

Money, money, money, money… and victory are mine!


Another November has come and gone and with it, I have once again won the Vegas Kinkbomb contest. This makes three years in a row that I’ve won and this year I got first place. Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh, bitches!

So to help you rejoice in my victory, I’ve made a celebratory video. It truly is one of the most spectacular things I have had the fortune to present to you.. and coming from me, that says a lot.

And let’s not forget all the other ways* you can help to celebrate my victory:

My Kinkbomb Studio

My iWantClips Store

My C4S Store

My Amazon Wishlist


So, without further ado…



*Really there are several outlets but only one way you should be rejoicing in my glory and thanking me for this video.. Give me your money. Spend it on me.