Do You Know How Many Dicks I’ve Seen?



Really, it always astounds me when you boys suddenly develop modesty regarding your insignificant pecker.

Ok, you’re embarrassed because it’s so small. You’re humiliated because it cums so quickly. You are so ashamed because it can’t please a woman. You are devastated because it has never been inside of a woman and will never, ever, not in a million years ever be near my cunt. You are sad because you, despite having a penis, are less of a real man than I am, having worked over boys with my strap-on. Your dicklet is sad because the only pussy it gets is your hand, making you more of a faggot than a bonafide man. Sure, sure, all of these do actually make sense to me, but dare I repeat myself.. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY DICKS I’VE SEEN?

Looking at loser dicks is a big part of my job. Take it or leave it; like it or not, it’s what I do. So no matter how cute and insecure you act.. it gets old really fast. And here’s a big tip to answer many of your issues:


Really any time you feel insecure about something, think back on this advice that I’m graciously offering you, free of charge: Nobody fucking cares.

You feel awkward tweeting and humiliating yourself for My amusement? Something that is required of you and included in your contract.. nobody fucking cares. You are not special, hardly anyone is following you and those that are, are not special in any way. The only reason I make it an inclusion in your contract is so that you will have a constant reminder of me and so that you have tasks which will occupy your time normally spent focused on that dick of which you are and should be ashamed.

You feel embarrassed about showing your little wee-wee on camera? Nobody cares. I am certainly not going to write home about the oh-my-god-you-can’t-even-believe-it dick I saw today! That would horrify my mother and again, may I add, nobody fucking cares. Sure, i may laugh about it with a friend, but let’s be honest, you would fucking love that. You are not special. There is always someone out there whose dick is smaller, more repulsive, ejaculates quicker or is more pathetic than yours.

You can’t pay me for a cam session because ________________? REALLY, nobody cares; get the fuck off my computer. We already have a scheduled session and you don’t show up or need to reschedule because your mother is in the hospital, your uncle was just released from prison, your daughter was kidnapped, you are stuck in the demilitarized zone of Iraq, or …fill in the blank with your own retarded bullshit… the answer’s still the same: nobody cares. No, not even a little bit.

You are humiliated because I tweeted a photo of you doing something humiliating.. which doesn’t identify you in any way. Believe me, there is not some super sleuth of slaves out there trying to identify you based on the exact position of your nipples and the consistency of your cum.┬áDo you know how many dicks are out there in this perverse world wide web?! You are not special nor will you ever be special. Get used to it.

Nobody cares about you, your tweets, your dick, or your perversions. Let that sink in and just marinate in its effects for a few minutes.

Do you know how many dicks I have personally seen, mocked and made fun of? You are not special nor will you ever be special. Get used to it, bitch.


Take care.

Or don’t.

Nobody cares.