Blood, Sex Appeal and the Undead

I am going to take your mind and twist it around my finger. I will fill your body with pleasure until it turns to pain.

I am going to take your mind and twist it around my finger. I will fill your body with pleasure until it turns to pain.


Darkness, evil, the macabre. What is our fascination with these elements? Notice how this week, I lump myself in with your absurdities.. yes, dear reader, I too find dark, creepy immorality fascinating. It’s the seduction, combined with the unknown and perhaps a little dash of “will I ever return from this?”

It’s blood. It’s sex appeal. It’s seduction and manipulation.
It is the undead..



Despite the surprising popularity of my latest Halloween-themed Evil Seductress hypo clip, a few people in My life questioned the viability of gory pic sets and videos.

One reminded me that Kinkbomb, C4S and others do not allow blood, vampires or zombies.
Another asked with a dose of snark, “What, are you going to stick feathers on your ass and do a Thanksgiving clip next?”
And one of My slaves simply, respectfully inquired about my macabre-enthusiasm and how it seems to have increased this year.


1. There are ways to get around the restriction credit card companies set on clip sites..
2. No, asshole. Thanksgiving pales by comparison in terms of sex appeal and fun.
3. A two-part answer:

1.There is the kinkbomb Halloween photo contest. The prize may only be a mere $300 but it is given to those that play dress-up best and if it’s  one thing I do well, it’s make believe combined with seduction and a healthy dose of darkness.


2. Duh; I moved into a real, bonafide house recently. Among many other perks, THAT MEANS TRICK-OR-TREATERS THIS YEAR!!!!
For the last six years we have lived in an apartment gaining literally no t-or-t ers. Not a single one. It has been quite the disappointment every holiday; I get so into it and ohhhh.. the husband gets so embarrassed. I cackle as I throw open the door, always dressed in some dark,   creepy-but-not-too-creepy costume, usually either a witch or a vampire. A costume that is only complete with dark eye make-up, blood red lips and either a green or white pallor, depending upon. I want to scare them, but still have them remain in control of their bladders.
One year (before we moved into our apartment)  I suggested D hide in the tree in our front yard with a chainsaw and jump down when li’l kiddies approach.
He said no.
Sad face that we didn’t get them to scream their lungs out.. smiley face that we avoided a potential lawsuit.


Today’s event was a delight involving white russians, hot sausage and wet lingerie.
I still smell overly sweet. My calves are tingling from the cold. I need to spit although I know it’s gone. I am completely showered, washed, hair clean too. We both are. She was magnificent.


Go to MY KINKBOMB STUDIO and ADRIENNA ADORA’S to find clips of us dominating, teasing and tormenting you, the weak, little bitch boy.



She is The Mistress of the Night; The Evil Seductress.
Part sex appeal, part blood lust.
It has a powerful effect on you.
I have a powerful effect on you.
Dark, sultry, I bring you close to me.
Menacing, sinister, evil, erotic.


The Evil Seductress beckons you, Click here mindless boy.