This Week’s Focus



Hello again. As a “columnist” (to be read with air quotes and a smirk) I tend to write about Me, my perspective/ opinion/ thoughts on things, an event occurring in my life or in the world as a whole. I also like to write about certain topics. I find it fulfilling to learn about things that interest me.. as I imagine most people do. I have touched on cuckoldry, my appreciation for it and it’s origins, dabbled in anal penetration, chastity, self-facials, their merits and again, my appreciation for them. I have learned, and in turn taught you about ben-wah balls, Pompeii, and significant women here in our findom society as well as our history as a civilization.

And somehow I have managed to tie most of into kink. I really am incredible.

That being said, this week I am sorry to report (as much for my benefit as well as yours) I don’t really have anything super kinky going on in my life. Let’s take a moment of silence to reflect on this……. And, we’re back.  Yes, I still have boys’ genitals locked in steel. I still find the time to take control of your feeble minds and, as a byproduct, your wallets. I am still adding things I want for my new house onto my amazon wish list.

Oh. That’s right; there was an event this week.

For approximately three hours last Sunday my Amazon account was down to $0.. -pause for dramatics- Yes, that’s right $0.00. My account hasn’t been at 0 since I first opened it. While setting up My new place, I have spent thousands of dollars in gift cards during the past few weeks and simply did not pay attention to the balance. It was actually quite a laugh to see it at 0. I felt so pleased with Myself. But then this silly boy sent me a measly $10.. which was.. silly. And then another, sent me $150and on and on it goes again….. and then justnow, you got the idea that you too need to feed the addiction and send $75 to… good pet.

Lately it seems things in my life are broken up by weeks of focus. It’s not that I have to do this, this and this but instead this week I’m more or less focusing entirely on this one specific thing. First it was two weeks of painting and cleaning my new place. Then a week of packing; the next week was unpacking followed by a week of cleaning and painting the old place. It doesn’t seem right that I had the responsibility to do so much work for both places; I daresay I got short-changed somehow. Then again, I could just be one of those nutters who prefers a sanitary living space as well as the type of crackpot who does whatever it takes to ensure the return of her security deposit.

This week’s focus is my digital arts class I am taking at the local university. Sadly, it’s coming to an end this Tuesday.  Our final projects are due and it is with sadness but also pride that I cut and paste a tear onto a new blending layer of Photoshop CS6. It has been great fun and really it has just been enjoyable learning, being in that classroom environment again. Oh and I basically kicked ass, like I do with anything to which I apply my brilliant mistress mind. I am pretty much assured an A in the class.

My final project is not yet complete. I have until Tuesday. It will be 9 4×4 panels completing a 12×12 poster. The assignment was simply, “house.” There were no restrictions except the dimensions. There was a greater explanation that accompanied this project, but this is essentially all you have to know. I went in a completely different direction than I originally began. At the risk of sounding totally fucking gay, that’s what I like about art, how it grows, the concept changes, evolves and shit. So, as I said, it’s not yet finished, but I want to show you anyway. Because after all it has been the focus of my week (and aside from the big move, the focus of My last five months), and the diversion from the other day-to-day debauchery in which I like to partake in and then write about. Plus I do like to show off how quickly I am able to learn and apply, engender those ooohs and ahhs, that sort of thing.



Begin oooohhhing.

And send me another gift card